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Music Is Obsessed With Me

Arizona is hot! To stand out in the desert, you have to bring it even hotter in everything you do. Whether you're a fan; a participant, an artist, a musician a DJ or a producer, it's idolhandsmusic official's mission to deliver multiple genre's of music of the highest caliber. Whether it's the theme song to your summer or the soundtrack to your life. idolhandsmusic official will be there to deliver or be there with the DIY tools to accomplish it yourself.     

Live The Music

Not everyone who has the vision has the money/education to bring it to life. Not everyone with the knowledge has the vision & ambition to take it as far as their dreams will allow. I write and produce my songs in my home studio. I live for collaborating with other artists and experimenting with any genre of music.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

I find inspiration all around me. Everywhere. That's why I don't deny myself when I get an idea; or the urge to transition from writing Rock; Pop, or Blues. To spittin bars of flame over beats so sick; they need health insurance. To hitting the decks to spin some Dubstep or Trap. To producing the future flame original tracks 


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